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Bullet proof Doors

Since doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building when it comes to security, we often opt to install bullet proof doors for added protection against theft or ballistic attack.

Though doors can be designed to offer increasing levels of ballistic protection, no material can be completely bullet proof. Over time, any material used will succumb to repeated attack by bullets. Instead, we refer to these products as “bullet resistant” doors.

Though it is impossible to create 100% bullet proof doors, Sehgal Doors offers complete bullet resistant door systems for corporate offices, financial institutions, retail spaces and more to provide highly effective protection. We design and manufacture a wide range of bullet resistant door systems, crafted with attractive materials to complement the look and feel of your building. The doors may be flush or have full glass vision lights. They are also available in pairs, Fire rated and blast resistant.

What is Bullet Proof Doors?

Bullet Proof Door is a protection product between humans and bullets.

Where Bullet Proof Doors are used?

The areas in which the door is used include security rooms in airports and train stations, police stations, banks, court houses and private properties that have high security requirements.

Bullet resistant doors are often used in government building, cashier stands, high crime rate areas or any structure where increased safety is desired.

Material used for Bullet proof doors:

Bullet proof doors are high-security doors with a solid bullet resistant material core on a steel sub-frame. They come with a thickness of 50-55mm and a 2/3mm Galvanized steel finish.

How the door will function:

For example: will it be locked, will it open and close mechanically, will it need to be see through, It will require a package passer, etc. Knowing how the door functions and what you’re looking to achieve in your space will allow us to recommend and manufacture the appropriate door for you.

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Hardware used in bullet proof doors: