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Director's Desk

Dear friends,

SEHGAL DOORS Since 2012 has grown into a multi- product company catering to the global construction industries and other fire sectors. The company’s constant endeavor to improve quality and innovation has ensured market leadership since its inception. Our strength in production, quality, innovation, technological competence and distribution has allowed us to penetrate the entire country as taken us beyond India’s boundaries also.

Our vision & mission is to satisfy the customers through our un-compromised and innovative technologies & offering them a complete Door solution to all their needs. With our Rock solid performance since last 07 successful years we have proved our self in this huge industry so far. Here we strongly emphasize on the Domestic and Commercial need of our clients by providing them the Doors which suits best to their requirement.

Sehgal Doors is known for incorporating different styles of working and experimenting with our products in order to give a unique shape and style to our product line.

My brief introduction is as follow

A renowned entrepreneur in the field of Fire & Safety Products manufacturing

  • Fire & Security Association of India– FSAI Chairman – Membership where we aim towards making India more safe, secure and aware about the working, functioning of FSAI.
    • Interacting with all the 24 chapters and guiding my team to educate the people about the Fire and its Consequences so that they can willingly join us and this chain could grow from state to state and there comes a point when everyone would be self - sufficient to take the necessary action at the starting point without getting panic, before Fire Brigade reaches the destination.
  • Member of BIS-Committee of IS:3614.
  • Common Effluent Water Treatment Plant –Former C.E.T.P General Secretary - with the signing power equivalent to that of Commissioner of Industries), where we treat contaminated water of complete Mayapuri for future use.
    • We take a lead to represent all the CETP’s of Delhi at national level.
    • Complete administration of plant, communicating and welcoming national and foreign Industries in order to exchange the latest technology and advance ways for water treatment and making water ready for re-use.
  • Member of Labour Welfare Board - Delhi Government.
  • Laghu Udyog Bharati - Vice President Delhi State. All India organization in service of Small Scale Industries
    • Interact on national level for technology transfer in order to attain knowledge from various departments and pass on the same to the Tiny Industries and help them in becoming a Medium scale industry.
  • Mayapuri Industrial Welfare Association (M.I.W.A) General Secretary where we represent our association towards various Government bodies and dept.
    • Organizing various awareness camps and interaction meeting for our industries with different govt. departments, police department etc.
    • Training JJ Cluster girls for self-defense and helped them in getting Jobs of Lady Bodyguard/bouncer at banquets empowering women.
    • Organized camp for approx.500 labours in our unit and helped them in opening Zero Balance amount. • Offered our office space to Anganwadi to educate JJ Cluster children’s free of cost.
    • Organized various dispensaries camps, offer free medicines to needy cluster people residing in near about areas, organized free cataract operation camp, distributed free eye sight glass etc.
    • Organized cricket match, football, volleyball matches between Mayapuri Police station and JJ Cluster children’s to develop a link between the weaker and powerful section of the industry in order to get peaceful and safe surrounding.
    • Coordinating with police department well in advance at the time of Labour strikes and other crucial happening near about our industry.
  • Apex Chamber of commerce & Industry of NCT Delhi Former Chairman (Environment Pollution Control Committee).
    • Representing Industrial issues and functioning in front of the state pollution control board.
  • An active member of District Task Force (Participating with 17 Govt. Department to raid for “FIRESAFETY”.
    • Conducting fire training program at numerous commercial places & educating our industry about the need & requirement Fire NOC from the dept.
  • Active member of District Level Committee
    • Helping & supporting our police department in maintaining law & order, offering them suggestion in operating a peaceful function around.
    • Our main motive is to satisfy our customers & prove our self as the “PIONEER” in any field we put our step forward in future.
    • Our performance will be guided by a clear and concise strategic statement for each business unit and by an ongoing Quest for Excellence within all operational and staff functions.
  • Contributing nation by educating JJ cluster children for their bright future.

Thank you for your attention and support. Welcome to visit our company and give us your valuable advices and suggestions.