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Introduction of Fire Rated Doors

Fire Doors not only plays an important role in case of any emergency situation but also useful in our day to day activity. There are two main function of fire door in case of fire; when closed they form barrier to stop the spread of fire and when opened they provide means of escape.

The most important thing about Fire Door, is delay spread of fire and smoke without causing too much obstacles to the movement of people and goods.

Fire Doors are also known by following names:

  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Fire Proof Doors
  • Mild Steel Fire Doors
  • Fire retardant Doors
  • Internal Fire Doors
  • External Fire Doors

When we require Fire Door?

Fire Door is necessary in order to preserve life and Property through;

a- Compartmentalizing a Fire
b- Creating/Protecting an escape route through the building

The escape route in a fire situation is frequently the route of everyday traffic; hence the fire doors must not obstruct the normal functioning of a building. As earlier noted, door retainers can be used to keep them legally open, although the doors should be regularly closed as part of their routine maintenance in order to prevent warping.

Compartmentalize a building or preserve an escape route, the function of a Fire door, when closed, is to provide resistance to smoke/fire for a minimum specified length of time. It is possible to have steel fire doors offering up to 2 hours resistance but this level of protection is usually only a requirement in specific, high-risk environments.

Key Specification:

Metal Fire Doors

Our Fire Doors are manufactured to meet the life safety requirements of people stuck at any high raised Building or Structure with the ability to hold or stop the spread of Fire. We can proudly say that we are playing a crucial part in your everyday day life & at your own personal place, to keep you protected & secure but yet almost keeping our self-invisible from all.

Key Features

  • Manufactured in Mild Steel and Galvanized Sheet.
  • Available Fire Ratings 30 - 120 minutes.
  • No welding joints and sharp edges interlocking at the stiles.
  • Functions – Anti-theft , Anti-sound and warmth preserved
  • Easy To Install & fix at site with the help of Holdfast installed on Door or through Dash Fastener.
  • Final Powder coated finish available as per the client requirement.
  • Approximate life 30 years.
  • Our Doors carry a warranty of 1 year against any manufacturing defect.
  • Packing Details: Inner : Film and bubble bags/ Outer : Standard Carton




1.6 mm galvanized steel


1.25 mm galvanized steel sheet for with vertical interlock seams and reinforced by the top, bottom channels, 46 - 55 mm thick.


Powder Coated in standard RAL

Fire Rating

60 - 120  minutes


Honeycomb / Ceramic Wool


All doors are made to suit standard hardware or as required by customer.

Key Features

No Welding or sharp edges, Durable, High performance, Reliable, Best quality, Easy To Install