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Panic Bar

Panic bars, also called push bars, with bolts or latches are designed for applications where a final exit door is to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the device and a panic situation is likely to occur in the event of an emergency.

Panic Exit Devices can be used in applications where users are unfamiliar with their route and means of escape in an emergency. Panic Bars, which cover the width of the door, allow immediate escape when pressure is applied.

Panic Hardware or Emergency Exit Hardware is used on doors where it is necessary to provide a means of escape from a building in an emergency. The products are intended and designed for use on fire escape doors and other emergency exits, whether that's in an office, shop, airport, restaurant, hotel, school, college or other environment where a high number of people may be in the building at any time.

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Panic hardware

What is a panic bar?

What is the height of a panic bar?

Why Panic Bar is Important?

Where panic hardware is required?

Panic hardware is required on egress doors serving Educational and Assembly Occupancies with an occupant load of 100 people or more (as well as certain High Hazard occupancies).

What is panic hardware for?


Panic Exit Hardware

Single leaf Door Panic Bar

It is a horizontal and vertical metal bar fixed to the inside area of the door. It is a press bar mechanism which can be pressed easily in order to open the door and move out safely especially at the time of an emergency.


Double leaf Door Panic Bar-

The bar are usually placed on exit and fire doors for maintain high level of security. We also have team of quality checkers who test the product on certain parameters to assure the quality.


External trim lock

Lever Handle type External Trim

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