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Blast Resistant Doors/ Partition/ Release Panel

Avoiding property & life loss in Blast condition is required in case of blast is important. The blast can be results of ambient condition in power, petrochemical industry, transformer rooms, control rooms, chemical plants, pharmaceutical units, etc. depending on process and blast condition the blast can be either inside or outside the occupied premises. Example: Blast can occur outside and need to safeguard control room or blast can occur inside reactor or storage room and outside area needs to be safeguarded.

Each door set can be purpose built to the client’s exact specifications, enabling virtually any shape, size to meet the project requirement.

Blast resistant Door

What is Blast Resistant Door?

A steel door which has been fabricated to resist dynamic stresses caused by blast pressures up to 3,000 lb per sq in (211 kg per sq cm)

Assembly comprised of a door (or pair of door) and a frame with hardware, or glazing system that is rated to resist a specified blast peak pressure and impulse to a required performance level.

Blast Pressure:

The maximum pressure to be exerted on the assembly by the blast event.

Why Blast Resistant Doors are used?

Blast and pressure resistant doors protect people and property from explosions and shrapnel. More damage is generally caused by shrapnel than the blast itself, and a properly specified and engineered door can save lives. Blast doors are used in a variety of environments such as government buildings, laboratories, refineries, chemical storage, and more.

Types of Blast Resistant Doors:

A. Single leaf blast resistant door
B. Double leaf blast resistant door
Single/Double Leaf Blast Resistant Door type of door (Hinge type) is formed and fabricated from heavy gauge, steel face sheets constructed around a custom engineered, steel rib core with interior armor plate as required protecting against specified blast level. Door leaves are designed for practical solutions and to be as light as possible while allowing maximum protection.

Door models vary in thickness for very low range with single point latching (at swing doors) to steel plate construction for mid to high range blast loads with two point or multi point latching. It can be made available in flush design or with vision lights. Standard frame design is made available or can engineer special frame profiles to complement wall construction and architectural style.


Where are blast resistant doors used?

Suitable for use in gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, law enforcement facilities and public or private buildings, blast resistant door products are suited to a variety of applications that may face blast or ballistic threats. We recommend that all door and frame systems are used in conjunction with protected wall areas for maximum security.

Each blast resistant door is designed to accept a range of glazing materials to suit your requirements for security and optical characteristics. Additionally, blast resistant doors can be customized with anodized or painted finishes to complement retrofit or new construction situations.


Blast resistant doors and frames shall be fabricated from steel sheet or plate shapes or from structural bars and shapes and reinforced in accordance with the design requirements of this Practice.



All accessories such as latches, handles and hinges are made of durable and architecturally-pleasing solid stainless steel to ensure integrity of the door units in more severe conditions.

All doors are provided with the following hardware:

A variety of options

Our blast resistant doors can also be modified to include: